AEW Has A Problem; It’s Time Their Fans Recognize It

AEW Has A Problem; It’s Time Their Fans Recognize It


4/28/20241 min read

Hello. Nice to see you there. I know what you are thinking. Here we go again, WeTooDeep is complaining about AEW, how original. I understand this sentiment. It does appear that I spend a lot of time complaining about AEW. Hear me out though. AEW has a problem. It may not seem like it, but there is a big problem arising. It has always been in the company, but it has been silent and for the most part able to be overcome. The problem with AEW is NOT the wrestlers. It’s not the style of matches, or the lack of selling big moves like Destroyers. The problem with AEW is not that the EVPs seem to be booking themselves as the big draws again, passing over the actual stars people want to see, or that there seems to be a severe lack of talent on the booking team for how to tell stories. To put it simply the actual problem with AEW is Tony Khan. I have no personal beef with Tony. He seems like a good man, and probably someone I would enjoy hanging out with. The problem though is that Tony has zero idea how to run a company professionally. I will not go into all the examples I have exhausted over the last five years. This time I just want to talk about this past weekend. Let’s setup the context. On Dynamite on Wednesday, Tony inserted himself as an on screen character, taking a Meltzer Driver from The Elite and Jack Perry. This on the surface is not a problem. I will be fully honest. This is the most interested I have ever been for the Elite. So why do I call this a problem? Well this weekend was the NFL Draft. Tony uses TV time he is granted being a NFL team executive, to continue to push this story, which again I have no problem with. The problem comes when he gets interviewed in from on millions of people. (An audience amount he has never been viewed by ever in the history of AEW). Instead of mentioning to this new potential audience, many of who I am sure never have seen or even heard of AEW, what makes AEW so special, who are your champions and what are the majors stories going on in the company that they should tune in to watch, like every mind with common sense would do, Tony goes on and says the while AEW was the “Pepsi of professional wrestling”, WWE is the “Harvey Weinstein of professional wrestling”. This is where the problem lies. I do not recall in the five years it has been a company, a single time ever they have ever gotten a large TV placement where they ever promoted itself without comparing it to WWE. They know they do not have anything special in the company that would draw people, so they have to rely on shock and awe interviews and continuous mentions and shots at WWE to remain in the feeds. The simple reality of the situation is that AEW does not have anything that sells to the casual TV audience. They have pushed themselves to rely solely on the support of the hardcore fanbase of wrestling and in doing so have damned their company to a life of mediocrity. They will never, and I mean never, be larger than WWE. They are stuck with the niche wrestling audience and because of this, while the company may never die since it is backed by Tony’s father’s large bank account, it will be stuck in second place forever. I believe there is a solution. Tony removes himself from operation of the company and allow experienced bookers and TV producers run the programming. Move to a product that can sell to a casual viewing audience and find something special and unique that you can market. 

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