Junkyard James, Host "Beyond The Junkyard"

As a child, pro wrestling was something I remember enjoying. Growing up at the tail end of the Attitude Era, I don't have fond memories of Stone Cold and The Rock and Mick Foley. But wrestlers like Kurt Angle and John Cena were my childhood heroes. I fell out of touch with pro wrestling during middle school, but found a passion for watching again around 2014 with my passion for NXT.

When AEW began, I was at a place in my fandom where I was about to stop watching all together. AEW kept me as a fan. That is why I say #IAMAEW. Not because I hate WWE, but because AEW became a place for the people like me: the outsiders.

With my passion and highly opinionated mindset, I created the Junkyard Media Group to allow myself and anyone who wanted a voice to be allowed to share their opinions.

KDawg, Co-host "Beyond The Junkyard"

When people say they remember things "as far back as when I was in diapers", we figure that's just a really silly way to say "for as long as I can remember". However, that phrase rings very true for me. I have been a lifelong wrestling fan since I was in diapers. I was born in the midst of the Monday Night Wars. My fandom (and useless knowledge) for wrestling, as well as my all time favorite wrestler, Sting, has grown deeper with each passing day. From immersing myself with NWA, WCW, WWE, TNA, NXT and AEW, I compare myself to Tommy Dreamer- I can't get enough of pro wrestling.

I'm excited to be a part of the Junkyard Media Group, co-hosting the "Beyond the Junkyard" with Junkyard James. We're all passionate for wrestling in this group and feel we vary differently on our fandom, which makes us unique!

I'm a sports fan as well! Repping the Capitals, Commanders, Braves, Clemson, Coastal Carolina and Chase Elliott! Somehow, my wife and daughter keep me around, thank God for them!

WETOODEEP, Host "Slapping Meat Wrestling Podcast"

What is up everybody!! My name is WeTooDeep and I am the host of the Slapping Meat Wrestling Podcast. I have been a consistent fan of the beautiful business of Wrestling since January 2014. I watched before then in spirts but have zero memory of a lot of what I was watching. I have been podcasting for going on 7 years. Whether it was the Concord Outlaws Podcast with James and Kody, or my first solo venture the UnHinged Wrestling Podcast (both of which were really bad and have been graciously removed from the internet). I tend to lean towards character based wrestling and less toward technical ability. My favorites wrestlers are Randy Orton, Triple H, Dolph Ziggler and the Greatest Of All Time- Roman Reigns. Outside of wrestling you can find me cheering on the Patriots, Bruins and Celtics as well as all Clemson Tiger sports- mostly football and softball. Since I am from Flair country we are gonna end this the only way we should. Let me get Two claps and Ric Flair.- 👏🏻👏🏻WOOO!!

DJ WAVYD, co-host "Slapping Meat Wrestling Podcast"

Hello to all my fellow fans of wrestling. Shout out to the casuals and the diehards, all corners of the IWC. I’m your boy DJ WavyD, and I’m here to keep it real and have a good time. I have been a fan of wrestling since 2003/2004. Mainly a WWE focused fan. I have very fond memories and knowledge of prime TNA. As for AEW…let’s just say we have a love hate relationship. I appreciate the purpose they have in the wrestling world and I give them a chance, but they aren’t always my cup of tea.

To wrap it up, I’m a Northeastern boy born and raised. Let’s go Celtics! I’m currently #TeamRed when it comes to the WWE. I’m a proud member of the casual wrestling fanbase with the wisdom of a diehard. A lot of uall will love me, some of uall will hate, but you all Will Acknowledge Me 😉

Fun Fact: Rey Mysterio has been my favorite wrestler for over 2 decades