Cody MUST Finish The Story This Year

Having Cody lose to Roman Reigns again does nothing to advance the legacy of Roman Reigns. But it damages WWE's biggest baby face in years. That is not what the WWE needs. This is why Cody Rhodes MUST win at WrestleMania

Junkyard James

2/20/20242 min read

Cody Rhodes' return run in the WWE has seen many highs and many lows. The return at WrestleMania 38 was a high. Getting injured was a low. But the past two years, the WWE have been a long, drawn out redemption story for Cody Rhodes. He wants to win the title that NO ONE in his family has won. Currently, Roman Reigns has that title locked down. It seems as if no one can, or will beat Roman.

That is until the year at WrestleMania 40. Cody HAS to win the title. The story he is telling is only finalized when Cody wins the belt. But I -- and many other fans -- cannot take another year of the story. The fans will begin to turn on Cody. The appeal of him being champion will start to fade. I have been a big proponent that Cody should've won the belt LAST WRESTLEMANIA. While fans may say that this ruins the story of the Bloodline, I disagree. I think having Cody Rhodes win the belt from Roman does more to help BOTH stories. Cody's championship run will be one for the ages. Defense after defense after defense...finally that belt has a fighting champion.

Mean while, Roman and the Bloodline... well now they are in shambles. Roman lost the one thing that could make the other members stay loyal. They break apart, which allows Roman to keep his part time schedule without holding the belt hostage.

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What happens if Cody loses though? We probably go 6 months without a title defense, Cody's momentum is again squashed (I would just put him in the StarDust gear again at that point) and we advance neither story. Look, we all know I am a bigger AEW fan than WWE fan, but that is mostly because the past 4 years have been ALL Roman Reigns. It's time for the tribal chief to leave us for a while. Let the other superstars run the show. I believe Cody Rhodes is the perfect guy to find and deliver us our next big heel wrestler to battle him for the title. Whether that is Bron Brekker, Carmelo Hayes, hell even MJF (though we know he's All Elite).

The point of wrestling is for the babyface to create a heel who creates the next big babyface who creates the next big heel. It's cyclical. Roman and Cody's stories are both stagnant right now. It's time for a change of champions. And, in my opinion, it HAS to be Cody Rhodes.