3/5/20243 min read

What’s up folks, it’s DJ WavyD coming back at you again for another review of Monday Night RAW! Off rip I’ll say this show was a 7/10, very solid.

Cody and Seth kicked off the show and say that they will be at smackdown to confront Rock and Roman. I’m excited for this and the tag match is practically set in stone so far. The Bloodline storyline has been 3 years of straight cinema. I hope you all are ready for 1 more year though. 😉

The first match of the night was a sleeper that turned into a banger! Dom and Gunther was a quality match! Dom is improving like no tomorrow. Great start to the match showing how smart he is and hurting Gunther’s hand after playing some cat and mouse. We returned from the commercial and Gunther was DESTROYING DOM. Also for those that know me and are in discord, you know I am not a fan of Gunther’s powerbomb. But tonight…About damn time Gunther does a believable and powerful powerbomb!!! Dom ended up tapping to the Boston crab.

Quick hot take that struck me while watching Raw. WWE has the best collection of Japanese talent on a North American main roster, and it’s not close.

The Women’s tag wrestling division finally got a non garbage time slot.Big upgrade from last week. In my opinion Zoey/Shayna and Carter/Chance have REALLY GOOD chemistry. I like Shayna and Zoey as tough tweeners. That’s one thing I like about Triple H. He understands that not every single match or feud has to be between clear cut heels and faces.

Next we had Becky vs Nia. Becky was trying to get her lick back after their last in-ring match. The match was pretty solid. Good ring action, the offense was a little bit slow for my liking but it was entertaining. Main take away from the match is that I remember how much I hate the barrel roll senton dive thing that Becky does. It’s sloppy, the opponents don’t take it well, and it looks just so bush league.

Liv attacked Nia and caused a DQ, looks like we are getting some type of triple threat at some point. I think we get a match before Mania where Becky puts her spot at Mania on the line just to build up some suspense on the road to Mania. We are getting Becky vs Liv next week so we shall see what happens next.

Ricochet has returned!!! A favorite wrestler of mine, so I was happy. We got teased with an announcement involving the IC title picture and this had the discord community hyped. We thought we were getting a big match, especially with all the hype the announcement and storytelling was getting. We wanted a ladder match at Mania for the title, or maybe even a ladder match just for the number 1 contendership. Shoot we would have been happy with just a 6 pack challenge and letting the wrestlers go crazy. But no…we get a Tony Khan level let down of an announcement, and Adam Pierce says the contenders will compete in a gauntlet match to determine who will face Gunther at Mania. Booooo!!!!

Andrade made his return to the ring in a glorified squash match vs Apollo. He still looks really good, can’t wait to see what the road to Mania holds for him.

Priest Balor vs Imperium in a Heel vs Heel showdown. Priest and Balor won…Kaiser might have hurt his leg/ankle in the match. The match was a banger! The teams have alot of chemistry. However, these two teams are treading water right now. WWE has to split up these titles and Imperium themselves might need to split up if they aren’t going to get a title run. The two of them are really good singles stars that have bright futures.

Sami vs Ivar was next and guess what happened…Vahala finally gave Cole the ANTLERS!!! Great hard hitting tv match, better than the Sami and Shin match from last week. I have a potential split up story for the Viking Raiders if Erik is ever cleared to come back to the ring. I hope he is recovering fine.

Gable and Gunther backstage segment, i think Gable is the front runner for the gauntlet. I love Chad Gable, but I need stronger speaking skills when it comes to serious moments and storylines.

Jey and Drew was yet another TV match. WWE does a great job of putting on entertaining tv matches while also not over doing it and spoiling us with PLE level matches on free tv.

The show ended with shenanigans and Solo and Jimmy interfering in the match. Cody and Seth fought them off, but then Drew hit Seth with a claymore and again told Seth to stay out of Bloodline business, or they will ruin their Mania match.