WeTooDeep's Way Too Early WrestleMania 40 Fantasy Booking

Slapping Meat Wrestling Podcast host WETOODEEP, shares his fantasy booking for Wrestlemania 40



As we are approaching the end of 2023, I thought I would start a yearly tradition and book WrestleMania. I want to preface this is a fantasy booking, none of this is backed by anything other than what I would do. So without further adieu, let's get booking.

I want to begin with matches that do not involve any championships.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kazuchika Okada

This is easy! All signs are pointing to Shinsuke calling out Okada. There does not even need to be a lot of story line outside of Okada and Nakamura in a battle for Japanese Superiority. There can only be one King of Strong Style. It does not matter who wins the match. If this goes the way it should in the end the real winner is the fans as this will be one hell of a match.

Solo Sikoa vs Jimmy Uso vs Jey Uso

In this scenario, Solo has turned on Roman Reigns, however he has not fully joined either of his brothers. There is still a sibling rivalry at play here. That is the story. It really is that simple. What is the motivation? Winner becomes the next Tribal Chief, when Roman is defeated. Jimmy vs Jey would have been fine. However, Solo I believe will be the main focus of the Bloodline story for 2024. Personally, in my booking of Roman Reigns, which we shall see later in this post, Roman retains at Wrestlemania. This makes the winner of this match a direct threat to the reign and rule of Roman. Solo winning this matches sets in motion his feud with Roman and places Solo as the person to finally end Roman at Summer Slam.

Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton

Not every WrestleMania match needs a deep story. KO and Randy will work so well in the ring. Both are just looking for a fight. That is enough for me. We will have plenty of other matches on this card in which we can get stories. Giving the crowd matches that are just fun and entertaining without a stipulation or reason breaks up the monotony of some of the more serious story lines.

Drew McIntyre vs Sami Zayn

Just as KO and Randy did not have a story, we do not necessarily need a deep story for this. As Drew is changing into this super heel there are a lot of faces that will get in his way to try and "fix" him. Sami is one of those. Drew should run through Sami. This does not need to be a 30 minute classic just another step to make Drew the next big heel.

Seth Rollins vs CM Punk

I know the first question you ask when you see this. Where is the World Heavyweight Championship? Royal Rumble is where the cash in happen with Damian Priest. Seth will have a match against someone at Royal Rumble, after Seth retains and begins to celebrate, CM Punk who is hiding in wait attacks Seth and hits him with the GTS. This allows Priest to cash in and steal the Title from Seth. This leads to a more personal story as Punk is the thorn in the side of Rollins and just makes for a better match.

Bayley, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks vs Io Sky, Kairi Sane, Dakota Kai and Asuka

It is not secret that Bayley will be turned on and kicked out of Damage Control. As the attack happens to the defense of Bayley comes Charlotte and Becky. However, the numbers are still not in the favor of Bayley. This leads to the much awaited return of Sasha Banks. The 4 Horsewomen tagging together in a match against a dominant faction in Damage Control, showcases the stylistic differences in the WWE/American style and Japanese Strong Style. This has the potential to create several storylines from this one event. Io loses the title at the Royal Rumble because of a Bayley distraction, which sets this whole thing in motion.

Now onto the matches that will have titles on the line:

Damian Priest (c) vs Cody Rhodes (World Heavyweight Championship)

At Elimination chamber Cody Rhodes wins the Chamber match to become the number 1 contender to Priest. Can Cody finish his story? Yes he does. After being attacked by every single member of Judgement Day, Cody still overcomes. Every obstacle that has been thrown in his way has not stopped him from fulfilling his Destiny. Cody becomes World Champion, in what may be the best feel good moment since Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30.

Street Profits (c) vs Theory/Waller (Smackdown Tag Team Championship)

It is no secret WWE needs to split the Tag Team Championships. This can be easily done by having Aldis complain about not having a Tag Team championship for his roster to fight for. At Rumble, there is a 4 way match to crown new Smackdown Tag Team Champions. Street Profits win. They then ditch Lashley, as the gimmick is not working to me and lets be honest they are better as faces. This sets up Theory and Waller to win a number one contenders match at Elimination Chamber in Australia. It would not matter who wins as this would be a banger of a match.

Creed Brothers (c) vs DIY (RAW Tag Team Championship)

The Creed Brothers defeat Judgement Day at Royal Rumble to win the RAW Tag Team Championship. They become fighting champions issuing open challenges each week and defending the titles. This leads to the biggest open challenge at WrestleMania. This is answered by DIY who attack from behind. However, the Creed Brothers hold them off and retain the titles.

Chelsea Green/Piper Niven (c) vs Alba Fyre/ Isla Dawn (Women’s Tag Team Championship)

These titles are practically meaningless but they need to be on the card. Winner does not matter this has no chance of actually going over 10 minutes and to be honest it does not need to. However, having Piper take the pin and leading to a feud with Chelsea would be fun.

Bianca Belair (c)vs Cora Jade (Women’s Championship)

Bianca wins back the title at Rumble as mentioned above. The Smackdown women's roster needs fresh talent. The Rumble match can do that as you can place several NXT women in the match as an official call up. The winner of the Rumble however will not be challenging Bianca, so just as Cody gets his title match at Elimination Chamber as does Bianca's opponent. Cora Jade is a fresh face, that can get a shocking win and go on and make a big name on the main roster. She does not win here but it is just the start of stardom for Cora.

LA Knight vs Logan Paul (c) (US Championship)

This is the most obviously planned match on this list. What else is there for LA Knight to do? Answer: NOTHING. This writes itself and is a great place to let LA get a title.

Gunther (c) vs Ilja Dragunov (IC Championship

Gunther's whole gimmick is finding someone who is worthy to face him in the ring. There is only one person who that can be. It is the man who ended his NXT:UK Championship run. That man is Ilja Dragunov. This will be the Match of the Night and potential Match of the Year. This will be the classic slobberknocker and will leave fans on the edge of there seat as we relive this beauty that was there match in NXT: UK.

Rhea Ripley (c) vs Jade Cargill (Women’s World Champion)

Rhea needs a legitimate challenger. She gets that in the winner of the Royal Rumble. That is the storm named Jade Cargill. Jade does not have to win this match. Her being here in this Spotlight is enough to make her signing worth it. This will mark the beginning of the Era of Jade and I am certain Tony Khan will be hating himself for not being able to resign Jade. Sometimes it just sucks to suck.

Roman Reigns (c) vs Bron Breakker (Undisputed Universal Championship)

As previously mentioned, Solo and Jimmy have left the Bloodline. Roman is no alone. He is paranoid and his Wiseman notices this. Paul Heyman noticing that his meal ticket is spiraling goes and secretly finds a new client. This client just so happens to have previous contact with Paul. This man is Bron Breakker. Bron goes out and wins.. no dominates the Royal Rumble and immediately calls out Roman. Can this be the end of the Tribal Chief?

Well there you have it. Let me know what you will change.

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